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investment group

Team Meeting

The Investment Group can be seen as a "subdivision" of the Cranfield Finance Society, as it specifically deals with the society's virtual portfolio. In addition, it also serves as a platform for regular meetings of its members, during which pitches take place as well as less formal discussions regarding the financial industry and markets. 

The structure of the fund is that portfolio managers take care of the portfolio, all members get the chance to pitch an investment idea and the members that attend the pitch meetings have the final say on whether to invest, divest, or not make any change at all.

Members can either be involved as part of a pitch team, just by attending meetings or by becoming a portfolio manager. Up to five members have the chance to act as portfolio members on behalf of the club. They will be responsible for the design of a factsheet, the asset allocation and the execution of investment ideas.

The Investment Group is overseen by the committee of the society.

The Investment Group structure

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