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In this section you can find a gallery of pictures of recent events organized by the Cranfield Finance Society. 

presentation by James PUMPHREY (Director, Deutsche Bank), FRIDAY 14th of FEBRUARY 2020

An insightful evening with guest speaker James Pumphrey at Cranfield University. James is a Director at Deutsche Bank and Head of the Structured Trade and Export Finance team in London.

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presentation by Dr. Vineet Agarwal, Wednesday 13th of November 2019

Dr. Agarwal met with members of the Cranfield Finance Society who participate in the Investment Groups and gave a lecture on techniques of valuation of firms as well as the different securities issued by firms that are vital for managers and financial analysts. Dr. Agarwal's areas of expertise are: asset pricing, market efficiency, bankruptcy prediction models, and financial modelling. 

Dr. Vineet Agarwal completed his PhD at Cranfield before joining the School of Management's faculty. Before that, he worked in investment banking in the area of pricing, structuring and marketing of initial and seasoned equity offerings and also private placement of fixed income bearing securities.

presentation by grant thornton, friday 9th of november 2018

Presentation by Grant Thornton
Presentation by Grant Thornton
Presentation by Grant Thornton
Presentation by Grant Thornton
Presentation by Grant Thornton
Presentation by Grant Thornton

presentation by Niklas Jeschke from Blackrock, sunday 20th of January 2019

With great anticipation, we welcomed our second guest speaker Mr. Niklas Jeschke from BlackRock on Sunday 20 January 2019, who shared his experiences and assessments of the industry in front of about 25 members of our society. 


It should be particularly emphasized, that the students were not only able to gain insights into the day-to-day business as an investment strategist of BlackRock but also they were able to learn from off-the-topic experiences. 


Questions about the academic CV, application processes or even the CFA exam were answered in a fun and casual way, making listening all the more interesting. 


It was also very gratifying to see that the upward career path is by no means closed even to very young people. Due to the approximately same age, some students were undoubtedly given a little motivation to start their career at one of the top employer addresses.


In retrospect, we would all like to thank Mr. Niklas Jeschke for the exciting afternoon and his precious time. The shared experiences made it possible for all the students to have closer practical relevance, far off the beaten track of theory-based university life.

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